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$200 Monthly Bonus & 32% RB! Mega Reel Bonus

Pokerplex are now offering a massive $200 monthly bonus - surely one of the best bonuses you will find.

In addition we now offer 32% rakeback if you generate over $500 MGR.

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earn up to 500 free spins on selecterd online and moile slots from some of the UK's biggest prividers like netent, microg`ming and dozens more.

Here at RakebackDeals we provide a valuable service for poker players the world over paying out $1000's each month. Every poker player generates rake every time they play. This rake is the basically the profit that the poker room makes. If you play online poker, using our service you can receive 20-40% of the rake back. Put those two words together and you get 'rakeback'. If you do play poker, you may as well get yourself a rakeback deal or you are losing out. You can earn extra for simply continuing to play!

The way this works is that we are affiliated to various poker rooms and they pay us to refer players to them. We pass on a percentage of this money to you, the player, as an incentive to play at these poker rooms. This rakeback payment lasts for as long as you play at the room. You will receive a monthly payment using any one of a variety of methods - Neteller, Bank Transfer, Cheque or usually direct into your poker account. Some players generate $1000's in rake each month and their rakeback payments can add up to a decent sum.

Signing up for a rakeback deal is very easy. Simply visit our rakeback deals page, choose a poker room and follow the signup instructions. We will then do the rest. We have a members area that you can access once signed up - here you can check on your stats daily, manage your personal details and participate in our rakeback player invitation scheme.

There is a whole host of information and help on the site. If you have any questions or need any advice then please email customer services.