Frequently Asked Rakeback Questions

Beware of unscrupulous rakeback sites !!!! what to watch out for:-
1) Paypal payments..... Rakeback sites offering payments via paypal are in violation of paypal's acceptable use policy. The policy prohibits the use of paypal to send payments for any form of gambling activity (view policy). This could result in account and website closure aswell as loss of rakeback for you!
2) Carefully worded deals....... Be sure to read the terms of the deal carefully... Some sites will offer you 25% of the "nett" rake which is 25% of the percentage they recieve and not the total... for example if your total rake = £100, rakeback site gets 27% (£27) so you will only get £6.75 (25% of £27) instead of the £25 you should be getting. All the deals we offer are a percentage of the total (gross) rake.


If so, did you know that you can get money back for playing?

The secret of how this is possible is called 'RakeBack' and if the term Rakeback is new to you then read on... have negotiated exclusive Rakeback deals with several of the major poker sites to enable us to pass some of the money that is made back to you....the players.

We are affiliated to some of the biggest and most popular online poker sites who offer us exclusive Rakeback rebates.

Sign up for a new poker account through today and you can earn Rakeback as you play.

Rakeback is real money, paid to you monthly by a variety of methods, and you can access our members area to check on your Rakeback stats and use our member services.



The rake is the amount of money the poker room operator takes from the pot each time a hand is played. This along with tournament fees is how they make their money. Most online poker players are aware of this but very few are aware that through us, they can get a portion of this rake refunded to them - Rakeback some of the Rake. We are affiliated with, and have relationships with, all the poker rooms listed on this site. This is how we are able to bring you these fantastic offers. They give us a percentage of the rake back and we distribute it to the individual players after deducting our administration fee.

The rake for each hand is divided by the number of players at the table which gives you your portion. For example if the rake for the hand is £2.00 and there are 5 players at your table your rake is £0.40. THIS IS THE CASE WHETHER YOU FOLD BEFORE THE FLOP OR NOT. This doesn't sound much but when you think about how many hands you will play in a month it soon adds up.

This all depends on how many hours you play and what your table limits are....... the table below shows the rake an average player will generate in a month, you will then get roughly 25-30% of this rakeback depending on which site you are playing on (click "rakeback deals" for exact percentages). Please bear in mind this is only a guide and most players appear to be earning more rakeback than the figures stated we recommend you try it for a month though and see for yourself.

Table / Hours Played Per Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
$0.50/$1 £56 £112 £168 £224 £280 £336 £392 £448
£0.50/£1 £135 £270 £405 £540 £675 £810 £945 £1080
£1/£2 £208 £416 £624 £832 £1040 £1248 £1456 £1664
£2/£4 £450 £900 £1350 £1800 £2250 £2700 £3150 £3600
£5/£10 £570 £1140 £1710 £2280 £2850 £3420 £3990 £4560

These figures are based on playing two tables simultaneously


All rakeback payments will be made to you via one of the following payment methods....
  Neteller/Bank Transfer/Cheque (UKcustomers only) /Direct to your poker account

Get a free neteller account here :-


Does it matter which type of poker I play?

No... you can play no limit, omaha, stud etc etc it makes no difference.

How do I get paid?

All payments are made via neteller, cheque, or bank transfer. We now also have some poker rooms that pay rakeback directly into your poker account. When do I get paid?

All payments are made on or before the 15th of the following month.

Is there a minimun payment?

Yes.... The minimum payment is £25, if your rakeback is less than this it will be added to your next months total.

Can I get rakeback on my existing poker account?

No.... in order to get rakeback from RakebackDeals you must register a new account with a new operator using the links provided. If you already have an account with say William Hill, you cannot just set up a new account with them using a different name, you must choose a different operator. You will still be able to play in the same poker room though, just under a different skin. For example if you have an Interpoker account get a new Pokerplex one to receive rakeback and still play in the same room against the same players and in most cases with the same username if you wish.

How do I know how much rakeback I have generated?

We will send you a statement at the end of each month detailing how much rake you generated and how much rakeback you will receive. Alternatively at any point in the month you can email us for an update as to how much you have accumulated.

If you have any other questions that are not listed please feel free to contact us