Modern computer monitoring software

Meet Keyturion – modern computer monitoring software

Technology is moving forward, but unfortunately new threats are emerging with its new capabilities. The answer to the need for better control and protection of digital devices is the modern Keyturion software, designed for comprehensive monitoring of user activity. It is an extremely useful tool for any workplace where confidential data is handled. Therefore, each activity on the device must be properly recorded.

What does the Keyturion app allow?

Keyturion provides a wide range of options that monitor almost all aspects of your computer operation. In addition to the standard Keylogger, this application also controls changes to folders or printing of documents, presenting the collected information in the form of legible logs. You cannot forget about the clipboard control – a function especially important in industries where copying information is absolutely unacceptable.

Another notable feature of Keyturion is program control and search history, including precise points in time and the period during which the user has used the application. To provide a complete picture of the activity on the device, Keyturion cyclically takes screenshots along with other data.

Why Choose Keyturion?

Keyturion was created based on many years of experience, therefore its operation is based on flexibility, efficiency and modern solutions. Intuitiveness and a light burden on the computer itself. A keyturion user will appreciate its many advantages, including:

  • clear presentation of data,
  • direct access to information export,
  • password protection,
  • function of filtering registered keys,
  • maintaining the original text formatting,
  • the ability to send data via e-mail,
  • convenient data search,
  • the ability to completely hide the operation of the application.

It is difficult to find an alternative to Keyturion that would be distinguished by an equally wide range of possibilities, while maintaining such a strong emphasis on comfort and safety at work.